Online Python console

This console is ideal for quickly testing a few lines of Python.

The advantages of the online console

First of all, the online Python console has the big advantage of being quickly accessible. Indeed, all you have to do is open your browser and you can start testing your Python code. It’s free and you don’t need to create an account.

Then, the Python interpreter proposed here is executed remotely and therefore works on all workstations, whether you are on Windows, Mac or Linux. You therefore have nothing to install on your workstation.

Moreover, the version of Python proposed here is rather recent and will allow you to test in good conditions.

Finally, if you want to start from scratch, just refresh the page.

The disadvantages of the online console

The last advantage can also be a disadvantage. Indeed, nothing is saved outside the session and you will lose everything at the end!

You will see that it is also tedious to test a code with a lot of lines and you also do not have the possibility of making a program (file containing a set of Python instructions).

Then, the version of Python offered is fixed. If you wish to test a code on a specific version, it is to be hoped that it is the one automatically proposed.


For security reasons, the console does not allow everything and does not, for example, offer HTTP access to the outside. If your code needs to access APIs or web services, you won’t be able to test it here.

Also note that only the basic Python modules are loaded and you will not be able to add any yourself.

For further

In the event that the disadvantages and limitations are blocking, you always have the option of registering with Vélhost. So you’ll be able to code in the browser with a code editor and keep your work. You will also be able to access a Postgres database and a terminal. The latter being opened in a Python virtual environment where you can add the modules you want and join the outside.

The icing on the cake, a generated URL will allow you to develop a web application directly online.